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He states that 85% of rapes go unrecorded, and those are pretty good odds. They wouldn't see women as non-human, who are just there to be at the other end of their dicks and their orgasm. But amazing and horrifying research by tweeps Lori Hearts and Renireni revealed that threatening women with rape was par the course for the lads of Unilad. In short, you might as well rape her, because chances are you'll get away with it. This isn't lads together, jauntily joking at women's expense. They would see women as people in their own right, with feelings and bodies and a sexuality and a voice. Articles and comments about how if your girl doesn't want sex, then that's still fun for one (advocating rape), as well as 'jokes' ('every hole is a goal', that '9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape'), and sexualised insults ('take the sand out of your vagina').

Dear Guest735480, Unfortunately, you have no models in your friend list. Levin, is the President and CEO of Northeast Building Products, a Philadelphia based window and door manufacturer that was founded in 1975 by Mr.Watch out for Elvis and various theme-weddings, complete with props, lighting and colorful outfits.I'm sure you are all aware of the Unilad magazine furore, which started on Twitter and has been picked up by plenty of the mainstream media. It began with anger over an article called 'Sexual Mathematics', where the "journalist" wrote that if a girl doesn't want to have sex with you, then you just have to do the maths. Because if they didn't hate women, then they wouldn't see women as objects that are there for their pleasure and their use. The Sexual Mathematics article was the one that got reported. I am not agreeing with this wholesale, just reporting what is commonly tossed around in popular literature. I have good posture, crazy curly hair and, most of the time, sport a cool casual outfit. I mean “looked” at me, as they used to when I was in my 20’s, 30’s, even 40’s.

While in the big city last week, I found myself rather invisible. As a feminist, I am supposed to be happy about this, as I am no longer a sexual object for men to lust after. May I confess to a tiny bit of grief for the loss of lust-worthiness? Is it sheer vain foolishness to miss the double-take, the furtive glance or secret smile? I’ve accomplished a lot and have a husband who adores me.

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THE arrest of a suspected child rapist in WA has helped expose a nationwide paedophile ring whose high-profile members allegedly include a school teacher from Queensland and a Sydney-based Channel 9 reporter.

pageid=STATS&pagekey=35&itemkey=37) and the conviction rate from incident to conviction is 6%, whilst sentencing remains low, and rape is a trope used across the media, advertising and pornography as something 'ok' ( then yes, we do live in a rape culture.